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A Global Look At Community Building And Where To Find Us Next

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Not so long ago we've blogged about conferences we're planning to attend. But since face time with the community is really important to Nodejitsu, there's another batch of events we'll be visiting and organizing.

Hacking our way to NodeConf

Of course, we're heading to NodeConf this July and showing up in force. But we've got one extra ticket for the sold out conference, and we've figured out a fun way to give it away. This weekend we're hosting a hackathon in NY along with folks at Pivotal Labs and Twilio. Whoever puts together the best hack will win the last ticket to NodeConf, airfare, and space in the hotel with the Nodejitsu team.


On the other side of the world, Paolo recently travelled to Germany for Berlin Buzzwords, and being so close to Poland, he decided to pop in and pay Maciej and me a visit. This was a great excuse for me to invite him to JavaScript meetups I've recently started organizing - meet.js, a series of barcamps held in various Polish cities, originally founded by Damian Wielgosik.

We managed to get an interesting lineup in place for our most recent gathering on Monday, June 11th. Besides node.js basics (covered by Paolo) other topics were: behavior driven development, and functional programming. The event had more than 60 attendees and apparently vast majority was really curious about server-side of things.

Paolo at Meet.js

Obviously we were onto something. I decided to quickly team up with gang of passionate developers at Future Simple known for organizing HackKRK hackathons and do something more to meet the needs of passionate Polish JS community.

Node.js workshops

We've decided to do a workshop conducted by Paolo. The interest simply went beyond our expectations. We've gathered one workshop group and had another on the waiting list. We were contacted by people from other countries as well - either willing to attend or help to organize such workshop in different locations. Apparently there are developers willing to travel across the country to listen to talks about Node. Of course this is a pattern - in the past conferences like NodeConf or jsConf sold out literally within seconds.


Another event we'll be present on is small conference in Madrid, Spain. I'll be speaking about The Pursuit of Simplicity; embracing the importance of sane decisions during design and development processes, the case of various libraries or frameworks and many more. So if you happen to be in sunny Spain make sure to drop me a line.