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April - Conference Overload

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At Nodejitsu, we are always on the lookout to find great javascript conferences that revolve around awesome communities.

We are also co-hosting two events in April: The Node Philly Conference and the NYC MongoDB Hackaton and speaking at three more!

Here's our schedule: be sure to say hi and hangout.

JSConf (&NotConf)


It's JSConf! Enough said!
Pre conference will be notconf and it is looking amazing!

Web-5 Conference (Béziers, April 4-6)


Maciej and Charlie will be attending the Web-5 conference in Béziers, France. The conference revolves around Web Technologies and has some great speakers. Great cheese and great weather are also givens. You can register for the conference here.

Dyncon (Stockholm, April 21-22)


Dyncon is an fantastic event. Charlie spoke last year and had a blast. Nuno will be doing the honors for Nodejitsu this year, and we expect great talks from a great selection of speakers.

Node Philly (Philadelphia, April 23)

Node Philly ( is the first ever node.js conference in Philly. Charlie and Paolo are attending, as well as some great minds from the Node.js community like James Halliday and Mikeal Rogers. The event is part of a larger initiative called Philly Tech Week. Tickets are available for a nominal fee.

MongoDB Hackaton NYC (NYC, April 27)

We are co-hosting the MongoDB hackaton with 10gen. Charlie will be on location to help you out with your applications, and get you some free Nodejitsu accounts. This event is free and will be in the 10gen NYC headquarters.