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Here at Nodejitsu, we live for the node.js and Javascript community. Honestly, without them this company wouldn't exist. This commitment often results in many members of the Nodejitsu team speaking at events around the world. I was privileged enough to be invited to two such events in China and Lisbon this past month. In booking my travel I actually circumnavigated the globe and I thought a few of our users might be interested in stories of the JS community worldwide!

Shanghai, China - HuJS

When I was invited to HuJS by Glenn Block (from the Microsoft Azure team), I was actually a little surprised that there was enough interest to have this kind of regional Javascript conference in China. The CHINA MARKET meme had become used so much, I had doubts that there would really be anything of substance there. I couldn't be more wrong.

The conference itself was great; I wish I spoke Chinese because over half of the talks were in the native language. I was blown away by the talent and overall prolific output of these Chinese Javascript developers. I was also quite impressed with not just the Javascript community, but the burgeoning startup community in Shanghai. Special thanks to the team over at Factual for being gracious hosts and showing me around Shanghai!

Lisbon, Portugal - LXJS

I had been looking forward to LXJS for months. Not just because it was shaping up to be an awesome conference, but because it was one of those rare moments when more than five members of the Nodejitsu team were in the same room. In fact, between staff and speakers there were eight nodejitsuka at LXJS:

Not to mention that the event organizers were three of Nodejitsu's own Nuno Job, Pedro Teixeira and Ana Hevesi. They did a great job organizing the best destination conference of the year. Personally I really enjoyed the closing keynote by Mikeal Rogers, where he shared some staggering statistics about the Node.js community and how we approach infrastructure:

On Infrastructure

All of the papers that people write, and all the blog posts that are saying "this is what a clean infrastructure looks like": they're justifying the old infrastructure after the fact. They built that because they couldn't build it the way that they wanted to; and now it's gospel.

On Node.js Growth

Today there are over 15,000 packages in the npm repository. (...) Let's do a quick comparison: RubyForge has [about] 9,000 packages in it. (...) RubyGems has less than 3,000 packages. (...) So [node.js] already more than that. Python has 24,000 packages in it, but it's been around since 1989; [node.js] has been around three years so we'll close in on them by the end of next year.

It's not over yet!

In the past two years, the Javascript community has raised the bar for technology conferences by, as Chris Williams (creator of JSConf) says, "growing out, not up". That means we're having more conferences not bigger conferences. This allows the same intimate and friendly atmosphere to be fostered at every event while still serving the needs of a vastly distributed community. What does this mean? It means conference season is just getting warmed up. Here's a rundown of awesome events and a look at where the Nodejitsu team will be.


  • Reject.js Berlin, Germany : October 4th (Karolina Szczur, Paolo Fragomeni)
  • NodeCopter.js Berlin, Germany : October 5th (Karolina Szczur, Paolo Fragomeni)
  • JSConfEU Berlin, Germany : October 5th and 7th (Karolina Szczur, Paolo Fragomeni)
  • NodeDublin Dublin, Ireland : October 18th and 19th (Paolo Fragomeni, Charlie McConnell, Maciej Malecki)
  • EmpireJS - New York, NY : October 22nd (Charlie Robbins, Ana Hevesi, Charlie McConnell)
  • RedisConf - Portland, OR : October 22nd (Arnout Kazemier)
  • Keeping it Realtime - Portland, OR : October 23rd and 24th


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