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Deployment Status Badges

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Last month we announced Continuous Deployment with Github and Nodejitsu. Since then we've had thousands of people using this new feature and the overall feedback from our community has been amazing.

Today we are announcing Deployment Status Badges. When you're using Continuous Deployment on Nodejitsu, these let you know instantly if the deployment is in progress, has been successful, or has failed.

Nodejitsu Continuous Deployment Badges

If you want to use them it's super simple: If your username in Github was yawnt and the repo was called myblog all you need to do is to add the following Markdown to your file:

[![Nodejitsu Deploy Status](](

We've got info on our badges and a whole lot more in the new and improved Nodejitsu Handbook

P.S. If you really love the badges don't forget to follow @karolinaszczur and tell her all about it!