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Julian Duque is a Jitsuka!

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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Julián Duque and I'm from Medellín, Colombia, a beautiful city also known as the "City of the eternal spring". I'm a Telecommunications Engineer and a Software Development Specialist, but most importantly, I consider myself a Developer by Passion. I chose this title because coding is what I enjoy doing in my life on a daily basis. I believe that software should be made by passion, not by obligation.

My other passion is Education, I'm involved in the Coderise project where we teach the fundamentals of web programming with JavaScript, HTML and CSS to high school teens ages 13 to 17 years old.

Also I'm the co-founder of two amazing projects, one is MedellinJS, the local JavaScript user group, where we have one reunion monthly and about 240 members, the other is Espuma Lab, a hackerspace where we will teach basic programming and electronics using mainly Raspberry Pi and Node.js.

I felt in love with Node.js at first sight and I'm coming from a Java / Ruby background working mainly developing mobile applications APIs and Cloud Computing Services, now I'm focusing my efforts 100% to the cloud and Node.js projects.

That's why I'm working at this amazing company, Nodejitsu, as a Support Engineer by night and Community Evangelist by day. I'm very happy because I'm working with top-notch members of the Node.js community. This is a great team!
I will be working closely with the community so I hope we will see you again.

Pleased to meet you!