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Most Active #node.js Users

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Before trying any new technology, the first thing I do is try and find it's IRC room. If you don't know what IRC is, consider it a chat room for weird computer programmers. My first day trying node.js was also my first day in #node.js on I was greeted by several friendly node enthusiasts and got lots of help getting my first node code working. Coincidentally, also on my first day, November 23, 2009, Debuggable starting running logs for #node.js.

In this article, I will dive into the #node.js log files, find out who the most active users are, and then follow their online handles to reveal who they are.

Disclaimer: These stats should not be used for anything important. All data-sources and tools used to make this are available here. Jump to the end of the article to learn how to crunch the numbers yourself.

Top 25 Most Active Users

Here is a raw dump of the most active users in #node.js by line count

  Nick Number of lines
1 JimBastard 18011
2 isaacs 17160
3 creationix 15018
4 Micheil 12119
5 mape 9359
6 ryah 9051
7 mikeal 8884
8 _ry 7798
9 mscdex 6752
10 inimino 6146
11 felixge 5540
12 mjr_ 5202
13 sechrist 4923
14 tmpvar 4865
15 _announcer 4759
16 tjholowaychuk 4737
17 elliottcable 4710
18 maushu 4493
19 Tim_Smart 4332
20 JimBastard_ 3479
21 polotek 3459
22 hassox 2455
23 cloudhead 2402
24 technoweenie 2394
25 ashb 2331

sexy colors courtesy of pisg

Notable Top 25 Most Active Users

Part of what makes node.js great is it's community. The most active people in the #node.js IRC room are some of the most talented and prolific contributors to the project. I've taken the liberty to match up some of the most active online IRC handles to their real-life equivalents. The results are pretty amazing.

Nick Lines Github
JimBastard 18011
Err...Marak Squires takes the #1 spot...that's me! I should talk less.
isaacs 17160
Isaac Z. Schlueter. Author of npm, Joyent Employee, Awesome Dude. Helped me on my first day in #node.js
creationix 15018
Tim Caswell. Author of Connect, owner of, prolific node.js developer.
Micheil 12119
Micheil Smith. Changelog contributor and module developer hailing from Australia. Super friendly and helpful.
mape 9359
Mathias Pettersson, the unstoppable Swede. Winner of NodeKnockout ( several times over ). Author of several node.js modules.
ryah 9051
Ryan Dahl. God-father of node. Joyent employee. Created node.js and double rainbows.
mikeal 8884
Mikeal Rodgers. CouchOne employee. Apache developer. Old-school JavaScript Guru.
_ry 7798
Alternate handle for ryah
mscdex 6752
Brian White. Mysterious man. Builds really slick node.js libraries such as ncurses and asterix.
inimino 6146
Expert JavaScript developer, wishes to remain anonymous.
felixge 5540
Felix Geisendorfer. Owner of Debuggable. Author of several node.js modules. Maintains the #node.js logs
mjr_ 5202
Matt Raney. Very tall, author of node_redis.
tmpvar 4865
Elijah Insua. Nodejitsu contributor. Author of JSDOM and several other node.js modules.
tjholowaychuk 4737
TJ Holowaychuk. Author of ExpressJS and Connect. LearnBoost employee.
JimBastard_ 3479
Alternate account for JimBastard.
cloudhead 2402
Alexis Sellier - Prolific node.js contributor. Author of VowsJS and Cradle.
technoweenie 2394
Rick Olson - Github Employee. Legendary Ruby on Rails developer. Possible super hero.

Very Honorable Mentions

There are a few irc room users who came very close to making the top 25 most active and definitely should be mentioned. Their contributions to node.js have been amazing and they didn't have to talk a lot about it. :-)

Nick Line Count Github
mde 1729
Matthew Eernisse. Yammer employee. Author of geddy.
kriszyp 1571
Kris Zyp. Uber JavaScript developer. Author of Persevere.
sh1mmer 1481
Tom Hughes-Croucher. Community leader, author of several node.js modules.
pgriess 1397
Peter Griess. Facebook employee. Coder of hard-core node.js C stuff.
SubStack & pkrumins 1395 & 1379
James Halliday & Peteris Krumins.The StackVM guys. They release a lot of software, a lot.
jashkenas 1299
Jeremy Ashkenas, JavaScript Zen Master. All lists must contain at least one instance of jashkenas. Author of CoffeeScript, Backbone, and underscore to name a few.

Crunching the numbers

For those who are interested where these numbers came from...

Getting the logs

To pull a copy of the #node.js logs from from debuggable, you can try this quick script I wrote here. There are also copies of the log files in this repo.

Cleaning the logs

I couldn't figure out what logging format was being used, so I wrote a quick script to convert the custom logging format into standard mIRC format ( which pisg can understand ). The clean log files are included in the node-stats repo

Running PISG

Use Perl IRC Statistics Generator. pisg is available for download here: Once you have pisg downloaded, you simply run the pisg command and specify the log file or path you want to use.