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Outbound IPs changing

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For those of you who have not checked your email, we wanted to ensure to communicate that the Outbound IPs we have are currently changing. The mainteneance Joyent is doing will take place at 10PM PDT tonight and the impact should last approximately 30seconds.

Does this affect me?

This change only affects customers who currently take advantage of whitelisting in any external services they use. If you have not had to ask us or look at our documentation for these IPs, then you have nothing to worry about!

Will this cause any downtime?

This should cause zero downtime. We understand you might be wary after the chaos that ensued a couple weeks ago but we have ensured this was communicated to us clearly. Just in case anything goes wrong with their maintenance, we will have our own engineers on standby if they need to respond. You can keep an eye on our status page to see if any of this occurs.