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Paid Individual Plans now available

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Nodejitsu is happy to announce our Paid Individual Plans are now available.

When Nodejitsu entered public beta, we shared our approach to Platform-as-a-Service pricing, and our commitment to changing the way that Platform-as-a-Service companies incentivize developers. Today's announcement reflects that commitment and we're pleased to have you try Nodejitsu today for free in our Development Sandbox. And when you're ready you can upgrade to one of our Individual Plans starting at just $3.

(Please note: at this time we are only introducing Paid Individual Plans. Our Business Plans will be available for purchase soon!)

If you're hosting on Nodejitsu, you still have one free month left

If you're using Nodejitsu today you will automatically be enrolled in our Development Sandbox next week which will give you one free drone at Nodejitsu for one month. After that time you can upgrade to one of our Paid Individual Plans starting at just $3.

Wait! I'm running more than one app already!

If you are running more than one app you will have one week (until Oct. 17th) before additional apps are turned off. Your app will not be deleted. You can always keep as many stopped apps as you want on Nodejitsu. It will remain stopped until you begin paying for the drones to run it.

We're here to help

Problems? Questions? Reach out to us on Twitter or in #nodejitsu on IRC. We couldn't be more excited to be working with you.