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A few weeks ago we released, just in time for Node Knockout! is a collection of community written tutorials and how-to articles for node.js. There are over fifty articles so far, from the basics all the way up to more difficult topics. We like to think of it as our unofficial, non-competing entry into NKO. We also, of course, hoped that the actual competitors would find it useful.

Like our software, all of the articles are hosted on github. Contributors can fork the project on github, edit the files in markdown (or add new ones), and submit a pull request. We are actively working on adding more features to the site, such as a tighter integration to

Aside from Nodejitsu's West Coast Team, we've already had a number of other contributors including: Marco Rogers., Dean Landolt, Adam Malcontenti-Wilson, and Pavan Sunkara. Thank you all! We still need more articles, so if you are interested in becoming a community contributor (and possibly getting compensated for your work), please contact us at

We hope that the Node.js community finds a handy resource and, through community contributions, it becomes the de facto source for practical Node.js documentation.