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Node.js security and scheduled maintenance updates

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We're always looking out for you at Nodejitsu. Over the last week we've been performing some scheduled maintenance on the Nodejitsu platform:

  1. Node.js v0.10.21 and v0.8.26 are now installed on all slave servers, both of which contain an important security fix for HTTP. If you are using node@0.10.x or node@0.8.x we highly recommend you upgrade immediately. More information about the security fix will be released from the node.js core team soon. To mitigate this issue all running applications have been restarted gracefully. So if you're using Nodejitsu you're already up to date!
  2. Upgraded forza and solenoid to fix a bug a few of our users have encountered when they have spawned child processes.

In addition to this Joyent will be performing intermittent maintenance from 11/1/2013 to 11/15/2013. More details are available from Joyent here:

During this time, Joyent will be updating the Platform Image, which is the host operating system run on each physical compute node. Each server will need to go through a reboot cycle to update the Platform Image, which will take approximately 15 minutes for each physical server. Virtual machines residing on the physical server will be unavailable during this time.

This means that for our customers there may be up to 15 minutes of downtime during these dates. We are working closely with Joyent to ensure that this scheduled maintenance has the most minimal impact on running applications and deployments.