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Spawning Hooks

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In a follow-up to my previous blog about getting started with, I created five additional video tutorials on how to spawn hooks and child processes in your cloud. I've also created a youtube account you can subscribe to for more videos.

You can also find a mirror of these videos @


Exploring the Core API

  1. #12 A quick lesson in fault tolerance Part 1
  2. #13 A quick lesson in fault tolerance Part 2
  3. #14 Spawning child hooks Part 1
  4. #15 Spawning child hooks Part 2
  5. #16 Full-featured child hook spawning with Haibu and Haibu-Carapace
  6. #17 Using to Install NPM Packages Anywhere

Note: I apologize for small text size, I will try to improve this on the next batch of screencasts