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Node.js & NoSQL: Why you should build your next app with Nodejitsu and Cloudant

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We have always been proponents of two things at Nodejitsu: Node.js and NoSQL. In fact our entire stack, from
the Nodejitsu platform to OpsMezzo is powered entirely by Node.js, CouchDB, and Redis.

With that in mind, we are partnering with Cloudant to host a webinar entitled "Node.js &
NodeSQL: Why you should build your next app with Nodejitsu and Cloudant."
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Learn how Nodejitsu and Cloudant deliver the scalability, flexibility of deployment, and performance that enterprise
are looking for in their web and mobile applications.

Node.js is built from the ground-up for high concurrency, NoSQL-based applications.
Charlie, CEO at Nodejitsu, will discuss how we provide the best of breed hosting and operations for
Node.js applications through their public Platform-as-a-Service and Enterprise solutions.

Sam Bisbee, CXO at Cloudant, will discuss why you should consider NoSQL as the backend for your application and the
tradeoffs of moving from a RDBMS to NoSQL. Sam will talk about common transactional architectures
for applications built on NoSQL and when you should consider a DBaaS like Cloudant.

The webinar is this Thursday, August 15th from 1pm to 2pm EST. Interested in joining? Register now!