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We are excited to join GoDaddy to help spearhead their largest Node.js product: Website Builder. Please read our blog post to learn more about customer transition plans and our continued support for Open Source within the node community.

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Changes in Nodejitsu's Public Cloud

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As of today we are announcing a new pricing structure for our Individual Plans that will take effect on Wednesday May 15th, 2013. The Nodejitsu platform has grown significantly since we launched our Public Beta last year and even more since we launched our Paid Individual and Business Plans. This growth has put us in a position where we need to make some decisive choices in order to create a sustainable future for our Public Cloud product.

Last week we announced OpsMezzo, a complete solution to provisioning, orchestration and configuration management geared towards enterprise customers. That annoucement reflects our commitment to OpenSource and the node.js community. In fact, more than 80% of the nodejitsu stack is now Open Source.

Our prices are the lowest in the Platform-as-a-Service market. Last year when we announced our pricing model we thought we could make this model sustainable, but this was built on several assumptions that turned out to be wrong. With this new model we will be able to keep our Public Cloud sustainable for years to come.

Please note: the changes we are about to discuss apply only to customers using Individual Plans on Nodejitsu’s platform and will not affect Business Plan customers.

First, the two core assumptions that we made at Nodejitsu when we compiled our current pricing:

  1. 64MB of RAM: Our original plan was to give drones on Individual Plans 64MB of RAM, but technical limitations combined with the high expectations of our existing Individual users led us to keep 256MB RAM as standard for all drones.
  2. The power of Node.js: Node.js is an amazing technology enabling developers to do a lot with minimal resources. When we decided to only give flexible drone sizes and multi-datacenter access to our Business Plan customers, we assumed that this would be incentive enough to attract our customers who need to handle large volumes of traffic. Turns out node.js is even more powerful than we thought; and as of writing this dozens of businesses are running on our Individual Plans. While its exciting that the combination of node and our technology can deliver these results, this is ultimately hurting Nodejitsu.

With all this in mind, we still realize that we made a commitment to our customers and when restructuring our Individual Plans we wanted to ensure that they are still competitive. With the new prices below Nodejitsu is still the most affordable Platform-as-a-Service on the market.

  • Micro (1 drone): $9 / month
  • Small (3 drones): $33 / month
  • Regular (5 drones): $50 / month
  • Large (10 drones): $90 / month

In addition to these pricing changes we will be clarifying some additional limitations for applications running on Individual Plans:

  • 3 drone limit: If you’re on an Individual Plan, jitsu apps setdrones 3 is the maximum number of running drones you will be able to set for a single application.
  • 10 drones max: If you’re on an Individual Plan, you will be able to run a total of 10 drones maximum. If you need more than that, we reccommend you upgrade to a Business Plan
  • One-day retention for Metrics: These changes will go into effect on the same day as our new metrics for CPU, Memory, and HTTP. Customers running on an Individual Plan will have a default retention of one-day.
  • One-day retention for Logs: As we improve our logging facilities, we will be increasing the retention around our logs for Business Plans. Individual plans, however, will have one-day of logs retention.
    • Designated support hours: The support provided in #nodejitsu on will be staffed by Nodejitsu Support Engineers from 9am - 8pm ET, Monday - Friday. There may be staffers or community support available at other times, but the above hours are when you can rely on live help from Nodejitsu.

While these changes bring limitations in the short term, they allow us operate more responsibly long term. This new pricing and the subsequent changes to our business allow us to provide the same great hosting and to focus on making it better; not only taking the time to field incoming errors but to fix underlying issues. These changes won’t be for everyone, but we look forward to bringing you a better product, and serving many of you for a long time to come.

We’re excited about the future of our Platform-as-a-Service product. By making these changes, difficult as they may be, it will make our product sustainable as we continue to grow and deliver on our promise of the best Node.js Platform-as-a-Service available.