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Deploying to Nodejitsu from Travis CI

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This is a cross post from Travis CI blog.

Last week we sat together with our good friends from Nodejitsu and are pleased to announce that we now also offer first class support for continuous deployment to their amazing platform!

All you need to do is add the following to your .travis.yml:

  provider: nodejitsu
  user: "YOUR USER NAME"
  api_key: "YOUR API KEY" # can of course be encrypted

But we've made it even simpler than that: If you have our command line tool installed, you just use the brand new setup command:

$ travis setup nodejitsu

If this command outputs

Your Ruby version is outdated, please consider upgrading, as we will drop support for 1.8.7 soon!  

it means that your Ruby version is outdated. You can fix that by executing

brew install ruby  
gem update --system  
gem update  
sudo gem install travis  
ruby -S travis setup nodejitsu  


This feature is immediately available to all our users including our Travis Pro customers.

Conditional deploys

You can make deploys conditional. For instance, if you only want to deploy from the staging branch and only on Node.js 0.11 if it is passing (but you also test on other versions):

  provider: nodejitsu
  user: ...
  api_key: ...
    node: "0.8"
    branch: staging

For more infos, head over to the documentation.