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Featured Open Source Project of the Month: VMUX

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At Nodejitsu we do open source software. Not only are our engineers incentivized to contribute back to open-source projects, we also host hundreds of open source applications for free in our platform through

If the code is open source, we will provide you with a drone to host it for free.

We do this because we want to enable developers to ship their project and give their audience the chance to learn how their programs were made. Like a new 'View Source' for the web.

This month we start promoting a few of the most exciting projects we hosted. by [Mauro Pompilio ( from

VMUX in action

Meet vmux (code), a WebRTC enabled video application to chat with your friends. Simply sign in with twitter and start talking. You can call your friends by simply visiting their profile, e.g.

The application is written in CoffeeScript on top of SocketStream and is fairly easy to understand. It’s a great way to learn about the current status of WebRTC. The app also works exceptionally well, since the chat is using the new peer to peer functionality in WebRTC.

Hope you enjoyed our first featured app. Now go build your own open source Node.js applications, and don't forget to submit yours at!