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Hiring a Systems Engineer

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Nodejitsu is looking to hire a systems engineer with expert knowledge in Linux server administration and systems programming. At Nodejitsu, we deploy 100s of servers at a time in seconds from our node.js command line tools. We then monitor, manage, and heal these servers in real-time using...our node.js monitoring and deployment framework. We also write a lot of open-source software. see:

Now that we've had the time to build up our infrastructure, we need you to come in and start applying the UNIX philosophy to our systems. Your role will be to "own" our servers and work with the entire team to make sure our services always stay up. We are currently expanding our platform to become a utility provider agnostic system, and we'll need your expert systems programming knowledge to help facilitate integrating with cloud computing providers ( such as: Rackspace, AWS, Joyent, etc...) and setting up redundant dedicated environments across the globe.


  • Expert Level Knowledge of Linux Server Administration in High Availability Production Systems
  • Expert Knowledge in Shell Scripting, C, Assembly, OSI Model, Systems / Networking Security
  • High aptitude for self-management
  • Availability to report on-site in New York City or San Francisco


  • Dislikes JavaScript
  • Prefers talking to our 1000s of servers instead of people
  • Has read every single BOFH story


  • 100-120k per year depending on experience
  • Equity in Nodejitsu ( vested over time )
  • Health Benefits

Interested candidates can apply by emailing