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About the author

nodejitsu nodejitsu is a full featured i/o framework for node.js. allows you to create clouds of node.js processes which seamlessly communicate with each other to form fault-tolerant distributed systems. is a radical departure from how web applications are currently being built. itself is very easy to use, but the concepts behind it can be hard to understand from only reading the documentation and unit tests.

For this reason, I have created eleven short video tutorials for explaining the basic usage and functionality of

You can also find a mirror of these videos @

UPDATE: 6 more videos on Spawning Hooks

DOUBLE UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I have converted and uploaded all videos to youtube. You can subscribe here:


  1. The Basics Part 1
  2. The Basics Part 2
  3. The Basics Part 3
  4. IRC Hook Configuration Part 1
  5. IRC Hook Configuration Part 2
  6. 3 Minute IRC Bot
  7. Libraries
  8. HTTP Webhook Server
  9. Bridge to Browser
  10. Emit events from CouchDB _changes feed
  11. Extending an existing application

Note: I apologize for the low quality audio and strange video overlays. I've fixed this problem in the newer batches of videos