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Nodejitsu is looking to hire three individuals for paid internship positions in the following locations:

Nodejitsu is a platform as a service and marketplace for Node.js applications. We build a lot of cool and complex software using cutting edge technologies and we maintain a lot of open-source projects. Check out our github page or hop into #nodejs on to find out more. Compensation will be a competitive hourly rate based on experience. Full-time and part-time are available.


  • Become a master of Node.js and JavaScript
  • Help maintain and contribute to Nodejitsu's open-source projects
  • Build your own open-source projects
  • Work directly on Nodejitsu's platform and production stack
  • Help promote Node.js through informative blog posts and tutorials


  • Familiarity with the basic tenants of software development
  • Experience building a full-stack web application ( front-end, http server, back-end, database)
  • Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, DOM, HTML, CSS
  • Ability to work at least 20 hours a week

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience building Node.js applications or modules
  • Active Github user
  • Intermediate knowledge of Node.js
  • Intermediate knowledge of linux systems administration
  • Experience with community building / blogging

If you are interested please send an email to and be sure to use the one of following subjects in your email to let us know which location you are applying for:

Nodejitsu Internship - NYC

Nodejitsu Internship - SF

Nodejitsu Internship - Telecommute

We look forward to hearing from the next batch of potential Nodejiterns!