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Hi, my name is Elijah Insua. I have a deep interest in node and javascript in general. In my free time I build computer controlled machines and make my own pcbs for hardware projects. I enjoy playing / building games, experimenting with the countless modules on npm, and keeping up with web standards. I have been acquainted with the nodejitsu co-founders since before nodejitsu and this is my story!


It was a cold New York night in early 2010, and we were all huddled around a projector watching people present their new javascript libraries. I do not recall all of the speakers that night at NYC.js, but I do know that is where I met Marak Squires after he gave a talk on some outlandishly awesome webhook thing (now known as He was dressed in a full on suit, sneakers, and a fitted NY baseball cap cocked slightly to the side. Being an inquisitive person, I decided to figure out what made this guy tick.

So I pulled him aside, as the meeting was breaking up, and introduced myself. After a short talk with him I realized he was at least as fanatical about javascript and node.js as I was. A group of us went back to the apartment he shared with Charlie Robins for beers and a "Javascript Party".

Things clicked pretty well between Charlie, Marak, and myself, and I would head over there nearly daily to hang out and hack on various node projects with Marak. Charlie was still a Microsoft dude by day and ruby guy by night. Over the course of a month or so, after enthusiastic debates and poking bits of fun, we actually got Charlie writing javascript under node. It did not take long until he had the bug, just as Marak and I had after seeing Ryan Dahl's talk in late 2009. It was perfect timing to throw Paolo Fragomeni into the mix.

Paolo and I had been talking about node and jsdom over irc while he was living in Texas. Apparently he could sense what was going down in NYC and decided to make the move. At one point he asked me if I had a couch or knew of one he could crash on while he found a place. I explained that I lived an hour out of the way by subway, but I mentioned that Marak was more centrally located and there was potentially a couch there for him to crash on. It worked out and we gained another javascript/node fanatic!

Fun times, cut short

Shortly thereafter, my employer at the time took on a huge contract which required me and a couple others to carry the load of a 15+ person IT staff that was relieved of duty at a moments notice. It was a bloated legacy mess of enterprise java, and it was our job to keep the site running and eventually rebuilt it. There were many long nights, and my "Javascript Party" time was limited greatly.

Unfortunately, I missed the birth of nodejitsu, but I tried to see the nodejitsu guys as much as time would allow. A year later I decided to take my leave of NY and move to Arizona. I've spent nearly a year consulting, building open source projects, tinkering with hardware, enjoying nature, and trying to relax.

Working at nodejitsu

I am extremely excited to be working with the nodejitsu of today! They have built a solid and compelling product, and I simply cannot wait to help get them to the next level.