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JavaScript Trampoline Party

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If you have been following our blog, you might have noticed I've been posting a lot of "amazing news" entries. This entry is no exception.

It's a JavaScript Trampoline Party at the House of Air!

We'll be giving out 25 free tickets!

There is also Trampoline Dodgeball!

4/28/2011 between 7pm-9pm

Nodejitsu is sponsoring a small kick off party in San Fransisco the week before JSConf and NodeConf. Our team will be at both conferences and we'll sponsoring / speaking at NodeConf. We are doing training sessions before and between JsConf and NodeConf, so please be sure to sign up if you haven't' already.

So back to the Trampoline Javascript Party....where is it going to be? What is the House of Air? Who will the lucky 25 be that get to go...

The House of Air is a trampoline park located at Building 926 926 "Old" Mason Street West Crissy Field The Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129. It has multiple trampoline areas, including a free-jump colosseum and an arena for non-stop five minute rounds of trampoline dodgeball. It's an amazingly fun place to go to and I've never had a bad time going there. I'd advise against eating any bacon cheeseburgers before attending the park...but perhaps I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

We've got 25 tickets to give away and we'll be giving them on a first come first serve basis on the following ranked items:

  1. If you are a Node.js Ninja
  2. If you are a JavaScript Ninja
  3. If you are have a Github account
  4. If you are following Nodejitsu team members on Github
  5. If you have a twitter and are following @Nodejitsu or our team members

You'll be allowed to bring let us know how many guests you intend to bring. Bonus points if you are planning to bring your development team as your guests.

We've only got a limited amount of spots, so we won't be able to accommodate everyone... If you still want to go and don't know if you'll make the list, you can always buy a ticket directly on the House Of Air website on the the date and time of the event here. I can't guarantee any spots will be available outside of our block, but there should be at least a few.

If you'd like to apply please submit your github handle and desired guest count to:

After the event, we'll be moving the party to an undisclosed location nearby where we can sip on tasty drinks and eat delicious food.

I look forward to seeing some JavaScript Ninjas in action

Here's a good video of the free-jump area:

And here is a video of some Ninja Trampoline Dodgeball Skills