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Nodejitsu has joined GoDaddy

We are excited to join GoDaddy to help spearhead their largest Node.js product: Website Builder. Please read our blog post to learn more about customer transition plans and our continued support for Open Source within the node community.

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Availability heads up - Joyent server maintenance

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Greetings fellow jitsukas,

Joyent, our hosting provider, has informed us that their servers will be undergoing maintenance starting November 1st through the 15th, and this could affect Nodejitsu’s up-time.

From the Joyent update:

...from 11/1/2013 to 11/15/2013, Joyent will be initiating a service-wide maintenance where we will be updating the underlying software used to power the Joyent Cloud.

During this time, Joyent will be updating the Platform Image, which is the host operating system run on each physical compute node. Each server will need to go through a reboot cycle to update the Platform Image, which will take approximately 15 minutes for each physical server. Virtual machines residing on the physical server will be unavailable during this time.

Because Nodejitsu uses Joyent’s cloud, our servers will have to be rebooted in this process. So, expect 15 minutes of downtime sometime in the first two weeks of November. We are in touch with Joyent and should be able to provide a more precise timeframe for this outage as the dates get closer.

We apologize in advance for the interruption.

The Nodejitsu team