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Ken Perkins is a new pkgcloud committer

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We are extremely proud to announce that as of May 9th, Ken Perkins is a new pkgcloud committer.

Ken has been putting great amounts of work into pkgcloud, including fixing Rackspace integration and a huge internal refactor which corrects mistakes we made when designing some of the low level APIs. We are extremely thankful for his help and dedication, so we decided to give him push access to our repository.

Here are few words Ken has to say about himself:

I'm the lead Node.js Developer Advocate at Rackspace, primarily working on our node.js SDKs. Immediately before Rackspace, I was a full-stack node.js developer with Clipboard. I also spent almost 9 years at Microsoft, most recently as a Program Manager in Live Labs working on projects like Seadragon, Photosynth, and Pivot. Most of my time outside of work is spent playing with my kids and enjoying the weather whenever it's nice here in Seattle.

He also published few interesting blog posts about changes he wants to
introduce to pkgcloud:

You should follow Ken on Twitter and subscribe to his blog.

We'd also like to thank Rackspace for giving Ken a chance to work on open source as his full time job. It's great to see companies giving back to the community.