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We got the chance to compete in a 48 hour node.js programming competition last week called "node knockout" and it was amazing! we've launched two open-source projects kyuri and prenup, which were very well received by the community.

there is a lot more information in the github repos for these projects, but to give a quick summary:

a node.js Cucumber implementation with a few extra asynchronous keywords. it supports 160+ languages and currently can generate VowsJS stubs

a real-time collaborative project planning application that allows you to easily create Milestones, Features, Scenarios, Steps, and assign points.

Ultimately we only got 2nd place in the category we were competing in. I think a vast majority of the people judging didn't really understand we did two entries, and what the purpose of those entries actually did. We probably should have focused more on presentation and trying to win the contest, but we were focused on producing two long lasting open-source projects.

We did however, get a lot of really great feedback from those who took to the time to actually dive into the madness that was our node knockout entry.

"This is probably the most useful entry I've seen. Having used cuke from ruby I can see it's value. Also real-time project planning sounds really useful for distributed teams." - Tim Caswell, co-author of Connect
"This is my favorite Node.js entry, because it's not a damn game and does something I might use" - Zed Shaw
"Very cool to see more Cucumber/Javascript action. The kyuri project is very interesting. It would be interesting to run some of gherkin's own Cucumber features against it to see how compliant the parser is. If it's good I would be interested in merging kyuri into the gherkin project." - Aslak Hellesoy, creator of Cucumber and Gherkin
"Useful, well executed, complete and tries to solve a real problem." - Guillermo Rauch, creator of
"Awesome utility for developers and specification builders (which could be developers as well). Very interested to see where you take it from here! Great Job!" - Chris Williams, Curator of JSConf, 6th Degree Javascript Blackbelt
"kyuri is an awesome and important contribution to the community." - Malte Ubl, XING Technical Director
"Considering they wrote a Gherkin parser for the project, and this app has real value, hats off! I can see myself using this when it's completed." - Alexis Sellier (cloudhead), creator of VowsJS

With the help of these inspiring comments, we'll be hard at work iterating on these projects in the upcoming months.

Expect good things.