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MongoHQ security update

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Dear Nodejitsu users, if you are using MongoHQ service through our integration this information is of your interest.

On October 28, 2013, MongoHQ published a security notice regarding some unauthorized access to an internal support application, the recommended action is to change the password of the account, next we will show you how to easily change your account password.

How to change your MongoHQ password?

First, you need to get the actual credentials of your MongoHQ account, you can use jitsu to retrieve the databases with:

$ jitsu databases list

Then connect to the MongoHQ instance using mongo-cli and change the password:

$ mongo<PORT>/<DB_NAME> -u nodejitsu -p <PASSWD>
MongoDB shell version: 2.4.6  
connecting to:<PORT>/<DB_NAME>  
> db.addUser('nodejitsu', 'NEW_PASSWORD')

And remember to update the credentials of your applications and deploy again, if you are having issues with this process feel free to reach or join to #nodejitsu in or use

Note: This process wouldn't update the credentials in jitsu databases list or in the WebOps interface.