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Hi, earthlings! I'm Nathan Zadoks.
I live in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. I'm a self-taught programmer and electronics and chemistry enthusiast. I build small things and put them together. Functions. Programs. Objects.

From a young age, I've been fascinated with making systems do what I want. I fiddled with electronics and I learnt to program at age 7. I left VB for Perl, Perl for Python. I taught myself Linux, discovered the UNIX philosophy of simple, composable parts forming a powerful whole. I found node.js two years ago and loved how working with streams and composing small things was so very natural. Unfortunately, node wasn't as mature and thus I stuck with Python. About half a year ago I rediscovered node.js, the freedom of JavaScript and found the wealth of easily composable small modules in npm. This time, it stuck. (I do my best to help out with npm by triaging GitHub issues, patching small things and merging pull requests, occasionally frightening isaacs in the process.)

My other passion is RepRap, a project aiming to build self-replicating 3D printers. Perhaps our future robot overlords. Two years ago, I hopped into the RepRap IRC channel, with overly ambitious plans for cheaper RepRaps. I've been a regular ever since, helping other people the best I could with the knowledge I had acquired. My enthusiasm got me invited to the first RepRap Prusa Mendel (iteration 1) workshop to help out. I was gifted a set of RepRap parts. I've helped with a number of workshops since and helped develop the Prusa Mendel iteration 3.

Trying to deploy my first serious node.js app, after checking out some of the polyglot clouds and other node.js clouds, I found Nodejitsu. jitsu deploy. Bam. Sensible cloud hosting. That too, stuck. I had a few issues and I was quickly helped out on IRC. I ended up staying there too, helping out people when possible. About three months ago, Maciej said I was doing a great job helping people and talking to servers and asked me if I wanted a job doing this.

I just got past my three month support internship, on board, helping people kick ass on our cloud and working on getting Node 0.10 into the cloud.
See you in #nodejitsu!