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New private npm plans: more for less!

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Last week we announced our simple, hosted private npm registries. The biggest piece of feedback we've gotten so far is that it is too expensive for small teams. Well ... you asked we delivered.

Today we are pumped to announce our two new pricing tiers Iron and Steel along with doubling the packages for all of our existing plans! You can get your own private npm registry in a single click at

Why would you want a private npm registry? Well since you’re using Node.js it will make your life undoubtedly easier:

  • Manage your users using the same credentials as the public registry.
  • Stop using brittle git:// URLs in your package.json for private dependency management
  • Avoid the headaches of pushing your application tarballs around -- let “npm install” do it for you!
  • And if you already have an npm registry: stop wasting your time babysitting it.

Not convinced? Try out the speed and simplicity our bi-furcated, reliable infrastructure by pointing your npm client there now keep an eye on how it performs.

  npm config set registry ""

Keep checking back to see what else is in store for our private npm! Got a feature request or an npm wishlist? Tell us on UserVoice! You can login with our SSO and start telling us what you want. Don't forget this is all powered by the Open Source smart-private-npm proxy which gets better everyday on Github!

npm <3s you. Nodejitsu does too.