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Node Knockout NYC

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We're very happy to officially announce we will be hosting an NYC location for Node Knockout 2011 at General Assembly (902 Broadway, 4th Floor) in Union Square. For those that don't know, Node Knockout is a 48-hour, team coding contest featuring node.js. There will be beverages and snacks on hand as well as team Nodejitsu and a few other tech startups to help you out in the usage of their APIs and tools.

Need to get up to speed on Node? No problem. Free Training
In the run up to Knockout, we are also going to be teaching two free training sessions on Saturday, Aug 20th and Sunday, Aug 21st. Our friends at Pivotal Labs NYC have been kind enough to provide space for these events.

Not on a Node Knockout team? Also no problem.
Even if you don't have a team to compete with, sign up and show up. There will certainly be adhoc teams developing on the scene. Bottom line, you don't have to bring a party to enjoy the party.

Thanks to all of those that made this possible!
We would like to thank all of those who are supporting our efforts in New York including 10gen, Amazon, Done, Foursquare, Mashery, Rackspace and others.

Friday, Aug 26th
* 6pm-7pm: Nodejitsu / General Assembly Happy Hour
* 7pm-8pm: Welcome Presentations
* 8pm-1am: Game on! Let the coding begin.
Saturday, Aug 27th
* 9am-1am: Doors at General Assembly are open!
Sunday, Aug 28th
* 7pm-9pm: Optional demos, first come, first serve
* 9am-8pm: Last sprint for finishing up projects.