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Nodejitsu has joined GoDaddy

We are excited to join GoDaddy to help spearhead their largest Node.js product: Website Builder. Please read our blog post to learn more about customer transition plans and our continued support for Open Source within the node community.

Want to know all the details?
Read the full blog post or read the GoDaddy Announcement.

Join us for some DTrace and npm on Nodestack tomorrow

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The Nodestack series has been picking up steam and we're exited to be returning for tomorrow's edition. The focus is 'Production Stack', and our goal is to take a detailed look at how key players in the technology community have implemented and maintained real world deployments of Node.js, MongoDB, and SmartOS.

Sign up to join us tomorrow where Paul Serby of Clock will talk about the marriage of frontend and backend technology for optimal UX, MongoLab CEO Will Schuman will discuss running MongoDB in the cloud, and Anton Whalley of NearForm will deep dive on their use of Dtrace.

Finally, Charlie Robbins and Isaac Schlueter will return for a conversation on npm.

NodeStack is tomorrow, June 18th, from 10am - 11:30am PT. Go ahead and RSVP!