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The West Coast Hack Haus

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Good news everyone! As part of a series of amazing upcoming news, I'm proud to be reporting from Nodejitsu's brand new West Coast Hack Haus in San Francisco! Our main corporate headquarters will remain in Manhattan at the very awesome General Assembly, but we just couldn't resist getting a West Coast presence. Anyone from the original NYC.js days at the old Pivotal Labs offices will remember some of the JavaScript parties we had in New York and I hope to continue this tradition in San Francisco.

( terrible camera phone shot )

The West Coast Hack Haus is located in Lower Haight, San Francisco. It's super spacious and we've got plenty of couches for wayward programmers visiting from out of town. Anytime, day or night, is a good time for a JavaScript party! If anyone wants to come to hang out or work on some code, just shoot me a message over Github or in the node.js IRC room.

If anyone knows any good meetups in the Bay Area, please reach out. I'd love to attend and I'm always ready to give a lightning talk :-)

Let the JavaScript Party Begin!