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Update regarding Joyent Server Maintenance

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We wanted to provide an update regarding the Joyent server maintenance previously mentioned on our blog. Due to changes Joyent made in the maintenance window it is now much larger than the initial two weeks originally forecasts. The on-going impact has been minimal but there is a large set of restarts (approximately 20% of our infrastructure) happening TODAY.

Today between 7pm and 9pm PST ~500 servers will be shutdown including 3 load
, our master api server, our provisioning server and many applications.
While we have taken steps to prevent any applications from going down, the former
points have no good solution. In order to prevent this maintenance from causing
you any pain, the following steps are being taken:

  1. Load Balancers The following load balancers are being removed from our DNS A-records starting now. We use short TTLs so we expect no issue unless you have a custom domain. If you do have a custom domain: you should remove the following balancers from your DNS today and readd them tomorrow.
  1. Our master API ( will be unavailable from approximately 7pm - 9pm PST. The actual maintenance window should only be 15 minutes but several rolling restarts will be happening during this time.

That is all for now, you can check for updates on this on our twitter feed.