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An Update on Price Changes

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In our April 30th blog post, Nodejitsu announced price increases for customers running on Individual Plans on our hosting platform. You can find the new numbers and details of additional platform changes here. This post is a reminder that these changes are taking place, and a response to a few questions from our customers.

Initially we gave two weeks notice, and scheduled price changes for Wednesday May 15th. Many customers have felt this was not enough time. My team and I heard your feedback, and have pushed the changes out one more week. Wednesday May 22nd is now the day that our new prices will go into effect.

We also received questions regarding the ascending price of our plans. For example, some people have wondered why a Micro plan (1 drone) costs $9 whereas a Small plan (3 drones) costs $33 dollars. This is because our Micro plans (our lowest hosting tier), are being slightly subsidized. We want to continue encouraging experimentation on our PaaS, albeit at a higher price point than before.

In the same spirit of experimentation, Nodejitsu is upholding our commitment to offer a free drone, the equivalent of one Micro plan, to host an open source app to any node.js developer. You simply need to apply through

Nodejitsu's success thus far is due entirely to the support of the node.js community. We understand these price changes have upset some of our customers, but these changes allow us to serve our community sustainably and continue contributing open source software to the node ecosystem. These changes also provide our small but talented team with an opportunity to improve our PaaS, dealing more quickly with production incidents and fixing underlying issues. The goal is to provide our customers with a better product. My team and I are excited to move forward towards a strong future for node, and we look forward to doing so with many members of the node community on our platform.