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Using Nodejitsu for Node Knockout

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I'm happy to announce that Nodejitsu will be available as an official option for your Node Knockout entry. You will need a Nodejitsu account, so if you haven't gotten one yet, you can try joining #nodejitsu on to get your account activated...

First, install our CLI tool from NPM

npm install jitsu -g

Now lets fire up our Node Knockout wizard!

cd /path/to/mynewapp
jitsu knockout

That's it!

From here you will be prompted for your Knockout Secret Code, and then jitsu will generate and deploy a simple helloworld application for you that will register with Node Knockout's website.

Additional Deploys

Need to update your app? Add new package.json dependencies? Websockets? Custom C++ addons? No problem!

For new deploys just type:

jitsu deploy

It's super simple!

Questions? Problems?

We've got the full Nodejitsu team on duty ready and waiting to help you. The best place to get support is in #nodejitsu on You can also email