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We are excited to join GoDaddy to help spearhead their largest Node.js product: Website Builder. Please read our blog post to learn more about customer transition plans and our continued support for Open Source within the node community.

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Using private npm on the Nodejitsu PaaS

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Using a private npm registry is how we deploy all of the production systems that power the Nodejitsu PaaS. Thanks to recent changes in our build system, module-foundry, all of our PaaS customers can now use their own private npm registry too!

jitsu env set REGISTRY ""  

If you've never set an environment variable on Nodejitsu before the only thing you need to know is that your application has to exist before you can set them. That means running jitsu apps create before running jitsu deploy:

jitsu apps create  
jitsu env set REGISTRY ""  
jitsu deploy  

If you are using Nodejitsu private npm then your user:pass will be a public npm user you've created for deployment. We recommend creating a deploy user that is separate from the personal accounts of the developers on your team.

npm adduser  
# Enter new credentials for your
# own deployment user.

By setting your private npm registry information to this environment variable our build system, powered by the open-source module-foundry, will ensure to install all your private modules for you when creating your application snapshot.

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Still not convinced? Read on!

Did you say streaming npm logs? Yes we did!

That's right! in addition to tying our two flagship products together to give you an easier, more productive PaaS, we also now stream all of our build logs back to you through jitsu.

Want to take advantage of this new feature? Just upgrade jitsu:

[sudo] npm install jitsu -g

But I want private npm on another PaaS!

Need to use your private npm somewhere else like Heroku? We'll ok sure! In late February the Heroku Labs feature, user-env-compile, became part of the standard build pack. A few of our customers are using this in production now and we'll be following up with a full sample later this week!

So now you've got no excuse. Try out Nodejitsu private npm today! Plans start at just $25 / month.